Following the massive and well-deserved success of the original Vinci pod mod, VooPoo have been busy trying to expand the Vinci brand. We now have the Vinci X, an external battery version of the original device, as well as the Vinci Air, a simpler, cheaper and more compact variation that still packs most of the features that made the original Vinci so great. Let’s check it out:

A Look at the Contents
The new Vinci Air pod system comes in the same style packaging as the other devices in the fast-growing Vinci family – a small cardboard box featuring a small picture of the device and some pictograms of its main characteristics on the front, and a list of contents, the usual nicotine warnings, manufacturer information and a scratch-and-check authenticity sticker on the back.

When you first open the box you will find an informative card that shows you how the Vinci’s clever 180-degree dual airflow system works. If you’ve tried any of the other device in the series you probably already know all about it already, but it’s nice that they include the card for new users. The box also contains the Vince Air pod system, two different coil-heads, a micro-USB cable for charging, and a user manual.

Design and Build Quality
The original VooPoo Vinci was a fantastic vaping device, but if you really wanted to to get picky, you could make an argument that its size and square shape made it harder to carry around than a compact pod system. Well, VooPoo fixed that with the Vinci Air, which, while maintaining that classic Vinci look, it’s a lot sleeker and lighter than the other devices in the series.

Battery Life and Performance
The Vinci Air is considerably shorter and slimmer than the Vinci and Vinci X pod mods, so it makes sense that it feature a smaller battery capacity. Still, for it’s size, the 900mAh capacity is more than decent, in my opinion, blowing pod systems like the new Asmodus Pyke, and even the popular Renova Zero out of the water.

It has most of the features that made the previous Vincis great, but also a lighter, more compact body that’s easy to carry around and hold in the hand. It’s a next-level pod system, and I love using it!