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Тема: The impacts of inhaling experience on consumers

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    The impacts of inhaling experience on consumers

    Since everyone’s feeling will not be the same, each consumer has different inhaling experience. Therefore, there is not a clear standard of inhaling experience. If one E-cigarette meets factors explained yesterday and satisfy consumer’s requirement, then the consumer can judge the device will offer a good inhaling experience. However, if one device need to be used large power to inhale, and the low saturation of smoke in mouth and the weak resolving of the e-liquid, then the device can’t bring a good inhaling experience to customers. As for me, I prefer a relatively tighter draw because a larger amount of smoke full filling in the mouth. Meanwhile, the flavor is not too strong. Lastly, if nicotine resolved is a little weaker, it’s better to me. However, as far as I know, for most consumers in Europe and America, they’re more inclined to a relatively airy draw, because they usually prefer the inhaling experience of strong smoke, sweet flavor and totally nicotine resolved.

    If the draw is too restricted, the consumer will use too large power to inhale. Otherwise, if the draw is too free, the result is that the amount of smoke will be unsaturated and consumers will feel inhale without force or lack of smoke. In addition, if the resolving of e-liquid is not totally, the users will feel sick. If slip back frequently happened, the users will feel uncomfortable, which will reduce the frequency of usage, even get scalded. Lastly, if the nicotine is excessively resolved, the users will be choked. Otherwise, if the nicotine is not sufficiently resolved, the users will feel dissatisfied. To sum up, once consumer is not satisfied with inhaling experience offered by a E-cigarette, the most direct consumer behavior is to give up the device.

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    We read only in Russian.

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