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Тема: What is the inhaling experience

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    What is the inhaling experience

    E-cigarette is a kind of quit-smoking product for smoking cessation group. The inhaling experience refers to the feeling of inhaling when consumers use the e-cigarette. Meanwhile, the inhaling experience is one of important facts which directly affect consumer's judgment on an electronic cigarette product.

    There are many factors involved in the inhaling experience, including some factors that directly have impacts on consumers: smoothness of flowing, atomization taste of oil, throat-hit, and e-liquid resolved.

    Smoothness of flowing:
    The smoothness of flowing is mainly showed by draw, which depends on airflow size and the intake way of equipment. Firstly, the larger airflow, the smaller power used to inhale, which means a looser draw. Otherwise, more power customers used, more restricted the draw is. Secondly, the different ways of intake air will also influence the draw. If the equipment is bottom-in, the air circulation process will be long, and consumers will need more force to suck up the air, so the draw is tight. If the equipment is side-intake, the air circulation process will be shorted, so the draw will be relatively small.

    E-liquid resolved
    When the equipment is heated, if some e-liquid can’t be totally resolved or spit back to heat part, vapers will inhale non-totally resolved e-liquid or it will spit back into the mouth.

    Atomization taste:
    Atomized e-liquid produce flavor, and flavor is directly felt by users. As for most Pod, the resistance usually ranges in 1 Ohm to 2 Ohm, voltage output ranges in 3.2-4.2V. Pod with different resistance could have different results of atomization and produce different flavor. Similarly, Pod with different voltage output also.

    Nicotine is an important ingredient in e-liquid. Especially for Pod kit, resolving nicotine is important. If nicotine couldn’t be resolved, users won’t feel the throat-hit feeling and solve their nicotine addiction, which lead to more frequent usage. On the other hand, if nicotine was excessively resolved, users will have a sore throat.

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    What is the inhaling experience
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