Pericles RDA is made for flavor addicts. And for RDA beginners, this RDA will undoubtedly give you the best building experience through its user- friendly structural design.

Main Features:

1.Easy to build with all types of wire
Pericles accommodates most types of wire, for its big wire slots. To build up the dual coils, all you need to do is easily pushing in the coil heads and fix them in place.

2.Deep juice well
The deep juice well allows vapors to have more fun in vaping.

3.Smooth bottom-side airflow
Air goes through the coils thoroughly in the quadrille bottom-side airflows.

4.Anti-spray construction against liquids and condensate
The bridge in the center smartly divides liquids into both sides instead of spray in vaping.

There is a screen on the top of the RDA cap that prevents condensate from getting out to the drip tip or even spraying into mouth.