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Электронные сигареты – интернет магазин Папироска.рф

Доставка по РФ без предоплаты. Более 1100 пунктов выдачи по всей России.

Электронные сигареты   Моды   IQOS
Жидкости для заправки электронных сигарет
Жидкости для электронных сигарет

Огромное количество вкусов, разные производители. Доставка без предоплаты.

Maxwells   Jam Monster   Самозамес
Папироска.рф ЖИЖИ для НАРОДА от 120 руб./100мл, LG HE4 270р., Suorin AIR 1050р. СДЭК от 1000р. без предоплаты, СПб беспл. ПВЗ. Capella, FW, TPA, FA - Акции! Нихром, Кантал, Койлы, Жидкости, Флаконы, Kendo, Никотин, PG, VG, Основы. Бесплатная доставка!
Дистрибьютор jija: Оптовые цены производителей! Zombie Party 120мл - от 235р, Cotton Candy 120мл - от 165р, BOSHKI 100мл - от 235р +100 брендов. Самый большой он-лайн магазин жидкости для электронных сигарет в России. Больше 100тыс. вариантов! 30мл и 6х6мл за 1 руб! Код 10% скидки ecigtalk

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Тема: Vanguard Smoke

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    Vanguard Smoke

    Vanguard is the only e-Cigarette that finally delivers a satisfying and great tasting vapor experience combined with consistent and reliable performance.

    A best vape you can image
    Cutting-edge engineering

    Durable, reliable, enjoyable are the main concepts of all our designs. We make sure every component we use is the best in this industry. Thanks for our experienced engineer team, they witnessed the born of vape industry and have been supporting us with the leading technology all the way.

    The most reliable battery
    Our exclusive contract with world top lithium battery supplier allows us to provide the most reliable battery in this industry. Safe, Long-lasting, lithium-polymer batteries give you plenty of puffs before you need to recharge.

    Highest Manufacture Standard
    Top world class GMP facility and advanced testing lab are rare in this young industry but we have all of them. We are way ahead of others.

    Fine details
    Every detail of products has been considered carefully by a group of designers who has life long experience in luxury smoking accessories industry.

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    Адрес: Екатеринбург
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    Записей в дневнике

    MOIMOD.RU - моды, ОА, генезисы, дрипки и т.д.

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    Гуру Аватар для Lamme
    Репутация: 431
    Регистрация: 19.06.2011
    Адрес: Оренбург
    Сообщений: 2,627
    Not interested

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    Vanguard Prime-ll Vaporizer

    Vanguard Prime-ll Vaporizer an electronic cigarette that uses the latest technology, premium vaping experience.

    Product Features:
    1. Innovative touch-unlock system
    2. OLED display with visual operation system
    3. 180°revolving clearomizer design, easy to carry and use
    4. Huge vaping experience with 1500mAh battery
    5. Short Circuit & Overtime intaking protection (11 seconds)
    6. Reverse battery protection circuit
    7. Low voltage warning
    Christmas Sales, 12% Off of Every Order! Gain Healthy Fun!

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    Вэйпер Аватар для Black_Castle
    Репутация: 433
    Регистрация: 21.08.2014
    Адрес: Республика Казахстан. Город Атырау
    Сообщений: 1,620

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    Пользователь Аватар для ТриТанкиста
    Репутация: 249
    Регистрация: 30.11.2014
    Адрес: Мытищи
    Сообщений: 598
    шпрехен зе дойч?

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    Репутация: 316
    Регистрация: 09.06.2010
    Адрес: Короча
    Сообщений: 4,939
    Цитата Сообщение от ТриТанкиста Посмотреть сообщение
    шпрехен зе дойч?
    я я, натюрлих
    твоя картинка ложить, вставлять, показать, много-много.
    Honor 20 PRO -чудная машинка

    Smokoff 901->KR808-D1-> Gripper +DNA12 ->Eleaf iStick 20W ->KBOX+Subtank

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    Vanguard Smoke is the official distributor and online retailer. We are headquartered in Salinas, CA with the goal of providing our customers with excellent products, rapid delivery, great prices, and world-class customer service. All of our e cigarette and vaporizer products come with an industry leading 90 day warranty. Vanguard Smoke is your one stop e cigarette and vapor destination for your favorite vaping products such as the Vanguard, Vaporesso, Joytech, Kangertech, Aspire, Sigelei, Innokin, Pioneer4you, Atomizer Series, Our World Famous Vapor, and many more!

    ---------- Сообщение отправлено в 15:59 ---------- Предыдущее сообщение отправлено в 15:52 ----------

    A true Ceramic coils released by vaporesso,comes with a revolutionary heating element and unique structure.

    Compatible With Vaporesso Tanks, Atlantis Tank, Triton Tank

    no Spitting,no dry hit,support longer vaping.

    1. No Spitting
    2. No Dry hit
    3. Self Cleaning
    4. Delivering original aroma of e-juice, clean, pure and consistent flavor
    5. Longer life-cycle

    It comes with
    1 x 5pcs Vaporesso Ceramic cCELL Replacement Coil (Ni200, 0.2ohm or Kanthal, 0.8ohm)

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    Гуру Аватар для xwrsystem
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    Регистрация: 28.06.2015
    Адрес: МосГКва
    Сообщений: 2,914
    vanguard вам по ассортименту нужно было магазин в ВК создавать, наша школота ито круче в этих делах.

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    Вэйпер Аватар для gepson72
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    Регистрация: 17.04.2014
    Адрес: Сорочинск
    Сообщений: 789
    Записей в дневнике
    моя ,твоя ,не понимай, что такое Гугла ,я не знай
    Кто тут зашкерился?  

    Молодой человек, мы, р-р-р-русские, своих не обманываем(с)
    Мой YouTube канал Provincial Vapers

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    Репутация: 1
    Регистрация: 24.11.2015
    Адрес: US
    Сообщений: 5 is the official reseller of Eleaf iStick

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    Vaporesso Target VTC kits exhibit elegance in a dark silver color yet glaring with exuberant lighting. As one of the most wanted kit this beauty is delicately produced and carefully assembled.

    Vaporess’s Target VTC 75w Kit is the most innovative vaping product, featured in its unique shape for a great fit in the hand, and a trigger-style vape button that is easy to use for both left-handed and right-handed users. It also brings a revolutionary atomizing technology: cCELL coils, which are made out of a porous material that ensure not only better flavor but also no splashing, no dry hits and guarantee a longer life cycle for your coils. Its superb design with variable wattage and variable voltage function, can power up to 75w using one 18650 battery. Enhanced by quality leather material handle and magnetic battery cover are very user-friendly. This fine kit brings you the most amazing vaping experience forever.

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    Vaporesso Target 75 VTC kits exhibit elegance in a dark Purple and Gold color yet glaring with exuberant lighting. As one of the most wanted kit this beauty is delicately produced and carefully assembled.

    The Vaporesso Target 2 VTC kit is in stock. We are the authorized seller for Vaporesso.

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    The Uwell Rafale is our newest edition to our sub ohm tanks

    Uwell Patent: Anti Spit-back System
    Uwell Patent: Convenient Top Fill (one piece top fill)
    Unique Parallel Coil Design with a long life span that is capable of handling high wattages
    Intensive research was done to produce the best vaping experience
    SUS316 Surgical Grade Coil
    100%Japanese Cotton
    Precision Airflow Control
    5ml E-Juice Capacity

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    Vaporesso Gemini cCELL SS316 Tank
    Gemini gives you an unbeatable vaping experience. With our brand new SS316 cCELL ceramic coil featuring improved wattage tolerance up to 75W, you can enjoy the amazing flavor. The cCELL brings you even bigger cloud while there is no worry about having to change between coils for vaping on temperature mode and wattage mode. The unique design on the dual adjustable airflow structure allows more air into the atomizer. Its top refill system is super easy and convenient to use and prevents leakage problems. Gemini reaches a new height with its excellence in durability ,safety, performance, and ease of use.

    Tank volume: 3ml
    Thread: 510
    cCELL Coil inside

    Gemini Tank include:
    1* Complete Target Tank (0.5ohm cCell SS316 pre-installed)
    1*Extra SS316 cCell ohm
    1*Extra Drip Tip
    1*Repalacement PYREX Glass Tube
    2*Seal ring
    To achieve the best vaping experience, the 0.5ohm coil recommended wattage is at or below 75W. the 0.8ohm coil recommended wattage is at or below 40W.

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    Вэйпер Аватар для Mrsovert
    Репутация: 92
    Регистрация: 11.08.2014
    Адрес: Ростов-на-Дону
    Сообщений: 903
    Promotion code?
    Discounts for the forum?

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    The Gemini RTA is the premier flagship rebuildable tank from the innovative Vaporesso's line-up, featuring a spacious two-post build deck, direct-to-chamber air channel system, dual adjustable auxiliary airflow, convenient top-fill design, 13.5mm drip tip with 510 adapter, and an intricate form factor. The first RTA from Vaporesso, the Gemini RTA integrates a side-tension two-post, with 2mm terminal post holes on a 16mm deck, allowing tremendous utilization with large and complex build styles. The addition of a center stand-alone post provides added stability during the building process. the spacious chamber implements ample airflow to the core, with dual air tubes that feeds turbulent airflow at multiple angles for powerful vapor production. The interior air tubes are fed through the quad auxiliary airslots, with precise adjustable feature for ideal airflow control. For wicking, the Gemini RTA adopts an adjustable juice flow control system for optimal utilization of e-juice and regulates flooding, as well as simple twist-off for a convenient top-fill process. It includes a 13.5mm Delrin widebore drip for effective heat dissipation and includes 510 drip tip connector for your favorite drip tip. A meticulously engineered rebuildable tank with attention to every single detail, the Gemini RTA by Vaporesso is a worthy contention for the top atomizer platform in the industry.

    Gemini RTA by Vaporesso Features:
    22mm Diameter
    Superior Stainless Steel Construction
    Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
    Side-Tension Two-Post Design
    2mm Terminal Post Holes
    Single or Dual Configurations
    Dual Air Tubes Inside Chamber
    Quad Adjustable Airslots at Base
    Quad Adjustable Airflow Drip Top
    Adjustable Juice Flow Control
    Convenient Top-Fill Method
    13.5mm Delrin Widebore Drip Tip
    510 Drip Tip Adapter Included
    510 Connection

    1 Gemini RTA
    1 Delrin Widebore Drip Tip
    1 510 Drip Tip Adapter
    1 Replacement Glass Tube
    2 Prebuilt Clapton Coils
    1 Allen Key
    Extra Set of O-Rings and Screws
    Instruction Manual

    This product is for advanced users only. It consists of risk of damaging your mods, devices, and batteries if it is being used improperly. Please make sure that you have great understanding and have done researches on this product before purchasing.

    Note: When it comes to using RDA, RDTA, and RDTA, we strongly recommended to wash and clean all the atomizers thoroughly and carefully. Likewise, please have a great sense of knowledge when it comes to handling and using these products.

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    Репутация: 12
    Регистрация: 18.02.2016
    Адрес: Москва
    Сообщений: 37
    Нормальный магаз. Покупаю у них всё для Vaporesso.
    Бесплатная (до $85) доставка за 2 недели до Москвы Почтой России. Адекватная служба поддержки. На Vaporesso самые низкие цены. Остальной ассортимент не сравнивал.
    Купон -8% на первую покупку дают при регистрации.

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    Регистрация: 14.01.2016
    Адрес: shenzhen
    Сообщений: 37

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