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Тема: new vape products & giveaways

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm Seven from OBS, new here.

    OBS is a brand that we mostly associate with good quality atomizers with big cloud and pure taste. The most popular products: OBS Cube Kit, Engine RTA, Crius RTA, Bat Kit, Cheetah RDA etc.

    We hope we can bring good vape products and best vaping experience to all vapefam. We will work hard for it.



    Wholesale Inquiry
    Email:sales07 at
    Whatsapp: +8613590393721

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    how to post a link?

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    Cube Kit By OBS

    OBS Cube Kit is a new mod and tank kit from OBS, a vaping brand that we mostly associate with good quality atomizers.

    The OBS Cube is a self contained mod with an internal 3000mAh battery, up to 80W. masculine appearance and chunkiness, probably as these words describe me too. The Cube tank comes loaded with the OBS M1 mesh coil.

    Features and Specs
    Cube Mod
    Size: 81.5 x 30.6 x 30.6mm
    Weight: 152g
    Capacity: 3000mAh
    Resistance Range: 0.1 – 2.3 ohms
    Wattage Range: < = 80w
    Output Voltage: 3.2-4.2V
    Continuous firing time: 10s
    510 connection: Spring loaded, gold plated 510 pin
    Cube Tank
    Size: 25.5 x 47mm
    Material: 304 Stainless Steel
    M1 Mesh Coil Resistance: 0.2ohms (50-80w, best at 65-75w)
    OCC Coil Resistance: 0.3ohms (30-80w, best at 35-70w)
    Filling method: Removable top fill
    Drip tip: 810
    Capacity: 4ml (stated on OBS website)
    Threading: Gold plated, non-adjustable 510 pin
    Available colours: Chrome | Black | Gunmetal | Blue | Red |Rainbow

    Resin Colors: Poppy | Elf | Ink | Aurora | Sunset

    This is a nice step away from the standard pen mod. The looks and shape are more grown up and have a very comfortable feel in the hand. The speed of the ramp up left me gob-smacked and I kept going back for more day after day.

    If you’re looking for a simple mod you can just pick up and go with then I recommend you seriously consider the OBS Cube.

    Click here for more details about OBS Cube Kit

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