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Тема: ZQ Trio RTA - 1st RTA with 3 Airflow Control

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    ZQ Trio RTA - 1st RTA with 3 Airflow Control

    ZQ Trio MTL RTA is the worlds first RTA with 3 airflow control ring that can indulge your taste buds with extreme flavors. Trio MTL RTA 22mm is made of high-quality stainless steel and PEI plastic with a diameter of 22mm, a Trio logo on the top cover, and a 510 drip tip on the top. With its slim diameter and compact height, it is greatly compatible with various modern battery mods. Trio MTL RTA has a capacity of 2ml, using an easy top fill system, unscrew the top cover to enter the larger filling hole. ZQ Trio MTL RTA is unique in that it has three independent AFC rings. The airflow supply can be adjusted individually and optimally to meet individual needs. There are more than 140 different options to accurately align 13 air holes. Although Trio MTL RTA is mainly optimized for MTL vaping, it can switch flexibly between MTL and DL settings and provides excellent performance in both aspects. Air can be sent to the coil from below, from the side, and from above. Trio MTL RTA uses a postless solid build deck, which is designed for single coils. Even inexperienced users can easily equip it with suitable coils. The entire package already includes two 0.8ohm Clapton coils for building, as well as suitable screwdrivers and auxiliary tools.

    Brand: ZQ
    3 Independent Airflow Control Rings
    13 airflow holes to provide 143 airflow combinations to choose
    Precise airflow adjustment
    Incredible intense flavor
    Free switching between MTL and DTL
    Single Coil Configuration
    Super Easy Top Fill System
    Easy to Build

    More details about this MTL/DL RTA, please check >>

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    ZQ Trio RTA - 1st RTA with 3 Airflow Control
    Интересно, что за система?

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