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Тема: Original Artery PAL 60W 18650 VW Box Mod Pod Kit available Now!

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    Original Artery PAL 60W 18650 VW Box Mod Pod Kit available Now!

    Hi, guys! Welcome to New Product Introduction! I have a question: do you need a Pod Kit at present? Today let me introduce you one Pod Kit named Original Artery PAL 60W 18650 VW Box Mod Pod Kit. Now let’s take a closer look at the Pod Kit below.

    The Artery PAL 18650 VW Mod Pod System Vape Starter Kit is an extremely versatile and innovative vape kit to be added to the Pod Mod Kit lineup. Artery PAL 18650 is constructed from Aluminum alloy 6063, PCTG, and PC material, which is powered by an external 18650 battery (Not included) with 60W max output and charged by type-C quick charge, no more worry about the power supply. Artery PAL pod can hold 3.0ml e-juice and has a big e-juice window to check your e-juice level. It comes with a 0.4ohm mesh coil (Base A, 20~28W), 1.4ohm parallel coil (Base B, 7~11W), and it is also compatible with different sub ohm coils and RBA coil (sub ohm coils and RBA are not included), PAL 18650 Pod Mod Kit will bring you the best flavor and vaping experience.

    Main Features:
    Size: 89 x 45 x 23mm
    Material: Aluminum Alloy 6063 + PCTG + PC
    Battery Type: 1 x 18650 Battery (Not included)
    Output Wattage: 5~60W
    Pod Capacity: 3ml
    Charging: Type-C port
    Charging Time: About 1 hours
    Charging Current: Max 1.5A
    Resistance Range: 0.3~2.0ohm
    Coil Resistance: 0.4ohm Mesh Coil (Base A, 20~28W) / 1.4ohm Parallel Coil (Base B, 7~11W)
    Different coils for more flavors
    Available in RBA coil for DIY lovers (Not included)
    Big e-juice window to check the e-juice level easily
    Single external 18650 battery with type-C quick charge
    Overcharge Protection
    Overheat Protection
    Short-circuit Protection
    8s cut-off Protection

    There are two colors for you to choose, so which color is your favourite? If you want to get one, you can come here:
    Original Artery PAL 60W 18650 VW Box Mod Pod Kit >>>

    Vaping accessories you would like:
    Replacement 3ml Empty Pod Cartridge >>>
    Replacement RBA Coil >>>

    Battery you would need:
    3FVAPE - Battery >>>

    More Original Artery products maybe you need:
    3FVAPE - Original Artery >>>

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