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Электронные сигареты
Электронные сигареты – интернет магазин Папироска.рф

Доставка по РФ без предоплаты. Более 1100 пунктов выдачи по всей России.

Электронные сигареты   Моды   IQOS
Жидкости для заправки электронных сигарет
Жидкости для электронных сигарет

Огромное количество вкусов, разные производители. Доставка без предоплаты.

Maxwells   Jam Monster   Самозамес
Папироска.рф ЖИЖИ для НАРОДА от 120 руб./100мл, LG HE4 270р., Suorin AIR 1050р. СДЭК от 1000р. без предоплаты, СПб беспл. ПВЗ. Capella, FW, TPA, FA - Акции! Нихром, Кантал, Койлы, Жидкости, Флаконы, Kendo, PG, VG, Основы. Бесплатная доставка!
Дистрибьютор jija: Оптовые цены производителей! Zombie Party 120мл - от 235р, Cotton Candy 120мл - от 165р, BOSHKI 100мл - от 235р +100 брендов. Самый большой он-лайн магазин жидкости для электронных сигарет в России. Больше 100тыс. вариантов! 30мл и 6х6мл за 1 руб! Код 10% скидки ecigtalk

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Тема: [Giveaway]Join to win Smoant Pasito Kit

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    Гуру Аватар для Tina3FVAPE
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    [Giveaway]Join to win Smoant Pasito Kit

    Everyone hello,
    Want to win's a Smoant Pasito Kit for free?

    Enter the Smoant Pasito Starter Kit Giveaway now >>> 1 winners will be chosen randomly.

    Smoant Pasito Kit is made of CPR and aluminum alloy material, resulting in a more colorful and durable stunning finish. Powered by a built-in 1100mAh battery and assisted by the new ANT chip, it allows for 5 output levels within 10-25W and lasts a long vaping time. The battery is charged via the Type C USB port on the bottom of the device. And there are intelligent LED lights that will show the battery level clearly. As for the pod, it can store up to 3ml of e-juice and features an adjustable top airflow and refill system, which prevents leaking problems and guarantees the easy operation of the device. A 1.4ohm MTL Ni-80 Coil and a 0.6ohm DTL Mesh Coil are included with purchase, but you may also purchase a rebuildable coil separately. Anyway, the Pasito is worth a shot.

    If you can not wait for have this item, you can also order the Smoant Pasito Kit directly on 3FVAPE.

    Thank you for support 3FVAPE, wish you good luck !

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    Цитата Сообщение от Tina3FVAPE Посмотреть сообщение
    Smoant Pasito Kit

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    Гуру Аватар для Tina3FVAPE
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    Регистрация: 07.07.2015
    Адрес: Shenzhen
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    Hey there.
    After one week of giveaway activities,the Smoant Pasito Kit Giveaway is finally comes to an end.
    It's a great honor to be here to publish the final result of the Smoant Pasito Kit giveaway.
    And send my congratulations to the winners,and thanks for your participate.
    If you failed to win this giveaway ,don't feel pity ,we also have several other giveaway activities underway.
    Maybe next time the winner is you.

    Thank you for joining the giveaway! Click to check the Smoant Pasito Kit Giveaway Winner>>

    If you want to order this item directly,click on this link to purchase>>>

    Thank you for your support to 3FVAPE!
    Последний раз редактировалось Tina3FVAPE; 12.06.2019 в 10:02.

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    Гуру Аватар для Tina3FVAPE
    Репутация: 64
    Регистрация: 07.07.2015
    Адрес: Shenzhen
    Сообщений: 9,192
    Записей в дневнике
    Hello everyone.
    Have you ever worried about that you not know enough about the product?
    Don't worry,this time we present to you the Smoant Pasito 25W Pod System unboxing video.

    Is this video done some help to you?
    Check the product page at 3FVAPE to find more:
    Buy Authentic Smoant Pasito 25W 1100mAh Mod Gun Metal Pod System

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