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Тема: [New item from Aspire] Aspire Cleito Pro Sub Ohm Tank

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    [New item from Aspire] Aspire Cleito Pro Sub Ohm Tank

    Hello everyone.

    Good day!

    Today we'll introduce a new item to you guys! And it's from Brand Aspire.

    Let's check it!

    Original Aspire Cleito Pro Sub Ohm Tank Clearomizer Original Price $28.00, Now Only $24.29

    The Original Aspire Cleito Pro Sub Ohm Tank comes with a 24mm diameter and new 0.5ohm coil (also compatible with the Cleito and the Cleito Exo tanks), with phenomenal wicking capability for this type of coil, it ensures increased vapor and flavor, just as you'd expect from Aspire innovations. Also included is Aspire new mesh coil rated at 0.15ohm. It features 3ml capacity and also can be extended to 4.2ml by using extra bubble glass tube. With the improved flavor and vapor production you can form your own mini weather system each time you vape. This item also has other colors to choose.

    Have you ever worried about that you not know enough about the product?
    Don't worry,this time we present to you the Aspire Cleito Pro Sub Ohm Tank unboxing video.

    Is this video done some help to you?

    Click here and learn more about Aspire Cleito Pro Sub Ohm Tank Clearomizer>>>

    Register an account on our website and you can enjoy the lowest price of the product.
    Other questions regarding this product, just contact us.

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