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Тема: VOOPOO Drag X & Vmate Pod Gift Set Limited Edition | Drag S & Vmate Pod Limited Edition Kit

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    VOOPOO Drag X & Vmate Pod Gift Set Limited Edition | Drag S & Vmate Pod Limited Edition Kit

    VOOPOO Drag X & Vmate Pod Gift Set Limited Edition

    Drag X & Vmate Pod is the limited edition gift set that designed to thank VOOPOO supporters. This gift set consists of a Drag X Kit and a Vmate Pod Kit. The Drag X Kit is powered by single 18650 battery with 5-80W adjustable power. It has 4.5ml big e-juice capacity and features universal PnP Atomizer platform. Drag X is designed with the innovative infinite airflow system that supports the regulation of any size of airway. What's more, you can enjoy the most comfortable experience through this system no matter which kind of coil or different parameters are set.
    As for the Vmate Pod Kit, it is a flavorful and low-cost starter device and comes with 3ml e-juice capacity. In addition, Vmate Pod adopts 0.7ohm mesh, which will increase the heating area by more than 3 times and can present a rich flavor. Vmate Pod also has a independent and one-way condensate space. With type-c 5V/1A fast charging and 900mAh large capacity, you can enjoy two-days vaping. VOOPOO Drag X & Vmate Pod Gift Set is the industry's first Mod Pod + Pod dual device limited set, which will satisfy everything you want, just get it!

    VOOPOO Drag X Kit Details:

    1. Powered by single 18650 battery
    2. Innovative infinite airflow system
    3. 5-80W adjustable power
    4. Universal PnP Atomizer platform
    5. GENE chip inside
    6. 4.5ml big e-juice capacity

    VOOPOO Vmate Pod Kit Details:

    1. Flavorful, easy-to-use and low-cost starter device
    2. 0.7ohm atomization increases the heating area
    3. 3ml Vmate pod, no drop of condensate escapes
    4. 900mAh large built-in battery capacity
    5. Type-C 5V/1A fast charging
    6. Independent and one-way condensate space

    Drag S & Vmate Pod Limited Edition Kit

    Drag S & Vmate is the first Mod Pod+Pod dual device limited set that is also designed as a Christmas gift set for VOOPOO fans. This set will satisfy everything you want with Drag S Kit and Vmate Kit.
    Drag S adopts the advantage of metal and leather materials for comfortable hand feeling and durability. Powered by 2500mAh built-in battery, it features 5-60W adjustable power. And with GENE chip inside, it can ignite within 0.001s, and also provides intelligent functions such as PUFF recording, SCORE ranking, SMART switching start mode, and so on. Plus, it can hold 4.5ml large e-juice capacity for long-lasting vape. To bring you great flavor, it adopts innovative infinite airflow system and is compatible with all PnP coils.
    As for Vmate Kit, it features 900mAh built-in battery and 3ml e-juice capacity. With 17W max output, it is a low-cost starter device with the fullest resolution and flavor. Utilizing 0.7ohm mesh coil, it increases the heating area by more than 3 times to release a rich flavor. Moreover, it has an independent and one-way condensate space, and is 75% more leak-proof than other pods. Sincerely may you have a good time with this amazing set!

    Drag S Kit Details:

    1. Adopts the advantage of metal and leather materials
    2. GENE chip inside
    3. Innovative infinite airflow system
    4. 2500mAh built-in battery and 5-60W adjustable power
    5. Universal PnP atomizer platform
    6. 4.5ml e-juice capacity and PnP coils

    Vmate Pod Kit Details:

    1. 900mAh built-in battery and 17W max output
    2. 3ml e-juice capacity and 0.7ohm mesh coil
    3. Type-C 5V/1A fast charging for 2 days
    4. Independent and one-way condensate space
    5. Air induction starts

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