Vivismoke Wire Mini Cutter

Vivismoke Mini Cutter can be used for vape builders to cut the wire with precision close to the post comfortably. Made from chrome-vanadium steel, it is extremely durable, easy to cut, vigorous and durable.

Vivismoke Coil Stick One

Vivismoke Coil Stick One is created to make different coils with different diameters. It comes with unibody design and can rotate positively and negatively. With telescopic structure, there is no need to disassemb and assemb. What's more, it is more easier and better than old kuro coil jigs and also more simple than 4 in1 /6 in1 coils jig sets.

Vivismoke RTA/RDA Base Stand

Vivismoke RTA/RDA Base Stand is specially designed for people who take coil building seriously. It is used for setting down for DIY user building coils, which will prevent the tanks falling on their sides and leaking every where. Just get one for your DIY entertainment.

Vivismoke Prebuilt Handcrafted Coil 2pcs/bottle

Vivismoke Prebuilt Handcrafted Coil is available in five types: Dragon Skin Coil, Fused Clapton Coil, Framed Staple Alien Coil, Alien Coil and Staple Alien Coil. Those coils are finely crafted coils twisted with machine-like precision, which can save time in rebuilding and available in a myriad of advanced configurations for immediate sophisticated set-up. It can help you take the hassle out of building coils.