Vivismoke Cotton Jack 20pcs/pack

Vivismoke Cotton Jack, suitable for RBA/RTA/RDA/RDTA, adotps organic cotton fiber material. With its prebuilt cotton threads, it is good for lazy vapers. And through many tests, it features pure flavor and low burn in taste, good liquid transportation and good insulation. Due to its good quality and price, you could have one as a spare part for your kit.

1. No Boiling Necessary
2. Suitable for RBA/RTA/RDA/RDTA
3. Organic cotton fiber
4. Large fibers for low-ohm builds
5. 100% tasteless cotton wick
6. No chamicals,pesticides,or bleach
7. Low burn in taste
8. Good liquid transport
9. 20pcs each pack

Vivismoke Hiphop Cotton

Vivismoke Hiphop Cotton is one kind long fiber noodles style puffy cotton which meet all vapers' cotton need! Made of 100% natural pure cotton. It is suitable for RBA/RTA/RDA/RDTA. Some innovative designs are created for it: no boiling necessary, organic cotton fiber, large fibers for low-ohm builds, 100% tasteless cotton wick, no chamicals, pesticides, or bleach.

1. Long fiber noodles style puffy cotton
2. No boiling necessary
3. Suitable for RBA/RTA/RDA/RDTA
4. Organic cotton fiber
5. Large fibers for low-ohm builds
6. 100% tasteless cotton wick
7. No chamicals, pesticides, or bleach