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Доставка по РФ без предоплаты. Более 1100 пунктов выдачи по всей России.

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Папироска.рф ЖИЖИ для НАРОДА от 120 руб./100мл, LG HE4 270р., Suorin AIR 1050р. СДЭК от 1000р. без предоплаты, СПб беспл. ПВЗ.
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Тема: $18.53-Eleaf iJust Mini Kit

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    $18.53-Eleaf iJust Mini Kit

    $18.53-Eleaf iJust Mini Kit
    Coupon Code: EMK

    Eleaf iJust Mini Kit comes with 1100mAh built-in battery, which will last you a rather long time of vaping. It is a compact and portable vape pen kit, which allow you to carry it anywhere with ease. The tank comes with 2ml E-juice capacity. With the easy filling designed, it makes refilling quite easy and without leakage problem. It features two new GT coils, the GT-M and GT. They are very easy to install. The two coil heads will provides a better flavor and bigger clouds. It comes with the adjustable power modes for your preference. It uses multiple protective measures to ensure your safety use. With the airflow system, it will provide you a pure vaping experience. Available in 6 colors: Red, Green, Black, Dazzling, Gunmetal, Silver. What's more, the green and red setups are specially designed with the metal rubber paint finish, giving you a softer and smoother feel.

    1. 1100mAh built-in big power battery
    2. 2ml E-juice capacity
    3. Airflow system for better flavor
    4. Fast and easy refilling design for convenient filling
    5. New GT coils for better flavor and bigger clouds

    $12.23-Eleaf iJust Mini Atomizer
    Coupon Code: EMK

    Eleaf iJust Mini Atomizer comes with 22mm diameter and 2ml e-juice capacity. It features an easy top solution with a lock system on the iJust Mini Atomizer. What's more, it automatically closes the e-liquid inlet when the coil is pulled out. You can replace the coil even when the tank is full. It utilizes two new GT coils to get the optimal vapor and flavor. Available in 6 colors: Silver, Red, Black, Green, Dazzling, Gunmetal.

    Lock system automatically closes the e-liquid inlet
    Easy top filling design
    2ml capacity & two new GT coils
    Available in 6 colors: Silver, Red, Black, Green, Dazzling, Gunmetal

    $7.74-Eleaf iJust Mini Replacement Coil 5pcs
    Coupon Code: EMK

    Eleaf iJust Mini Coil is specifically designed for Eleaf iJust Mini Kit. There are 3 types for your choice: GT M 0.6ohm Head, GT 1.2ohm Head and GT C 1.4ohm Head. The new GT coils are thread-free which very easy to install. They will bring your a pure vaping experience. Just get it to your Eleaf iJust Mini Kit. 5pcs each pack.

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    Eleaf iJust Mini Kit

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