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Innokin JEM/Goby VW Kit compared to Innokin AMVS Kit

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Hi,guys! Today here come two starter kits by Innokin, one is named Innokin JEM/Goby VW Starter Kit, and the other named Innokin AMVS Starter Kit. Today let make a comparison between them, so which one do you like better?

Innokin JEM/Goby Kit is the compact and stylish Vpae kit that features the super easy adjustable 5 Level Wattage. It is the Superior Mouth-to-Lung starter kit with the internal 1000mah rechargeable battery. With the convenient top-filling, adjustable airflow control system and 1.6ohm JEM/Goby coil, it is the best flavor vape gear for the vaper.

1.Compact, Stylish, Easy to Use
2.Superior mouth-to-lng flavor delivery
3.Super easy 5level wattage adjust
4.1000mAh internal rechargeable battery.
5.2ml Tank-TPD compliant
6.Convenient Top-Fill
7.Adjustable airflow control

Innokin AMVS Starter Kit consists of the AMVS 3000mah battery and 4ml Crios Tank. Featuring the constant fixed wattage output mode and working with the Crios BVC 0.25ohm Coil, it brings the constant direct to lung(DTL) vaping. Besides, its appearance rubberized soft-touch material is made for better ergonomics. Also, the intelligent LED indicates the battery life. The Innokin AMVS Starter Kit is best for the DTL vaping. 2 colors available.

1. Available for North America ONLY
2. 3000mAh internal rechargeable battery
3. Constant fixed wattage output
4. Rubberized finish, soft touch
5. Direct to lung(DTL) vaping, we highly
6. Recommend you use 0.25hm coil only

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Innokin JEM/Goby VW Starter Kit | VapeSourcing
Innokin AMVS Starter Kit | VapeSourcing
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