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  1. 5 Easy Ways to Spot a Counterfeit 18650 Battery

    18650 high drain batteries were introduced to deal with the high wattages of today’s variable wattage vape MODs in the safest, most efficient way possible. High wattage or low resistance builds will require a high drain battery rated at the appropriate amperage, in order to prevent short circuits or other safety hazards. The high drain 18650 vape batteries have been proved to be very efficient ...
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  2. 10 Best 18650 Li-ion Batteries for Vaping 2020

    A reliable 18650 battery plays an important role in your vaping devices like regulated box mods, unregulated mechanical mods. A good battery will support your excellent vaping experience, including the flavor, vapor production and most importantly – your vape safety. So it is important to pick a right battery!

    Previously we have shared the Top 10 Best Box Mods 2020, now it’s time to pick a good battery ...
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  3. Sept Giveaway Round 2 – 20 Winners

    Dear Customers:

    Here comes HealthCabin Sept giveaway round 2, we will giveaway 3 products with 20 winners in total:

    • Oumier Wasp Nano S RDA – 10 winners
    • Steam Crave Glaz Mini RTA – 5 winners
    • Golisi i4 USB Charger – 5 winners

    About Oumier Wasp Nano S RDA
    Oumier Wasp Nano S RDA, famous as a dual-coil version of one of the best single-coil Wasp Nano ...
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  4. Aspire BP80 VS Voopoo Drag S

    Both of Aspire BP80 and Voopoo Drag S are 2 very similar mod pods, both come with a built-in battery and a leather case. And Drag S ranked in the 3rd place of our 8 Best Mod Pods 2020.

    In this post, we will have a detailed comparison between Aspire BP80 and Voopoo Drag S.

    These ...
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  5. Pre-Holiday Sale – Over 42% OFF

    Dear customers,

    Here comes our new promotion Pre-Holiday Sale to celebrate the coming National Day in the first week of Oct.

    Sign in to get 30% OFF
    Old customers? Just sign it direclty to get your final price dropped over 30%.

    New customers? It doesn’t matter, you can register a new account to get the same discount price.

    Tips: ...
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