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  1. Aspire BP80 VS Voopoo Drag S

    Both of Aspire BP80 and Voopoo Drag S are 2 very similar mod pods, both come with a built-in battery and a leather case. And Drag S ranked in the 3rd place of our 8 Best Mod Pods 2020.

    In this post, we will have a detailed comparison between Aspire BP80 and Voopoo Drag S.

    These ...
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  2. Вальпургиева ночь. FEV и прочие немецкие устройства.

    Цитата Сообщение от vfhbyf35 Посмотреть сообщение
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    жиклёры упираются примерно в центр винтов
    Виноват, denis100367 прав. Между центрами жиклёров 12мм, а винтов 10мм.

    Между "краями" винтов 13.5 мм., т.е. жиклёры упираются сюда:
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  3. Обдувы Dvarw MTL FL

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    если будет ближе к 1мм еще лучше

    Лучше конечно методом тыка) подбирать.
    Я остановился на 3×0,8 думал свободно будет,а нет, зашло.
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  4. Pre-Holiday Sale – Over 42% OFF

    Dear customers,

    Here comes our new promotion Pre-Holiday Sale to celebrate the coming National Day in the first week of Oct.

    Sign in to get 30% OFF
    Old customers? Just sign it direclty to get your final price dropped over 30%.

    New customers? It doesn’t matter, you can register a new account to get the same discount price.

    Tips: ...
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  5. Smoant Pasito II vs Smoant Pasito

    Hooray! The new generation of Smoant Pasito is coming. But what are the improvements? We will show them in this post.

    The new generation Pasito continues the great performance since first generation but improved a lot on its battery and capacity, which means there would be a longer long-lasting ...
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